In Blue

by Static Jacks

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released September 30, 2013

All Songs Written By Static Jacks

Static Jacks are:
Ian Richard Devaney
Henry Kaye
Michael Sue-Poi
Nick Brennan

Produced, Recorded, And Mixed by Andrew Maury
Recorded at Retromedia Studios, Red Bank, NJ
Assistant Engineer: Michael Duncan
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at The Lodge New York, NY

Bass and Synthesizers on Home Again by Andrew Maury
Additional Drums on Katie Said by Adam Kaye
Bass and Synthesizers on Decoder Ring by Andrew Maury
Bass on Greensleeves by Andrew Maury

Album Artwork, Design & Layout by Henry Kaye
Lettering by Caroline Curtin

Management: Adam Kaye & Ben Collins
Booking (USA): Heather Kolker & Steve Ferguson Paradigm Booking
Booking (EU/UK): Steve Zapp International Talent Booking
Legal: David Jacobs
Mark Music & Media Law
Press: Kip Kouri & Leslie Cuc
Tell All Your Friends PR
A&R: Chris Foitle

Publishing: Sweet Baby Jesus Rock Music (ASCAP)

The collective Static Jacks would like to thank
Bob Becker, Chris Foitle and everyone at Old Friends Records. Adam Kaye. Ben Collins. Heather Kolker, Rachel Pestik, Steve Ferguson, and everyone at Paradigm. Steve Zapp. David Jacobs. Scott Cresto. Andrew Maury. Michael Duncan. John Noll. Sam Goldfine. Will Thompson. Andrew Santora. Spencer Kimmins. Will Eisenberg. Nonafaye Williams. Jenny Reader. Tricia Madden. Bill, Cathy, Kate & Natalie Brennan. Ruth, David & Ariel Kaye. Susan, Michael, Sean & Kevin Devaney. Rick, Delia, Rick & Jerry Sue-Poi. The Wombats. Howler, The Chain Gang of 1974. Flagship. Devin. Young Buffalo. Mark Kates, Nick Palmacci and Maura Quinn. Sue Marcus, Alexandra Comito & Mike Jones. Dick & Jane Gladden. Denis Mulvihill. Chris Cuthbert. Jim & Heather Mulvihill. Eric Fleischman. Elizabeth Harbaugh. Erin Scialabba. Stephanie Dobyan. Michael Kane. Jessica Sheft-Ason & her roommates. Andy Klingenberger. Dave LaBarge. Mark Muoio & whoever else lived there in Rochester. John Miles & whoever else lived with Spencer. Matt & Pat Coyne. Ian's other cousin in Ohio. Ali Donohue. Vince Fitzpatrick. Mama Lewis. Jen Lewis. Emma Neyle Baker. Bill Thompson & his wife. Whitaker Elledge. The Filarskis. Adam & Alexis Gillette. Kelsey Stoulil & her roommates. Karnivorouskrys. Jessica Lehrman. Sarah Moir. Dougie Murphy. Dave Dire. Simon Bobbett. Melissa, Milo & Adele Yetman. Alex in Maine. Tracy Coles. That sorority house in Buffalo. And all of our friends who have supported this adventure over the years. We couldn’t have survived as a band without all of you guys showing up at our shows to trick people into thinking we had fans.

Thanks to all of our fans. Also thank you Microtels all around the USA.

Ian would like to thank
My family and friends all around the world who let us stay in their homes. Your family and friends all around the world who let us stay in their homes. Healthcare coverage. The ladies. The stories of JRR Tolkien. Ladies who love the stories of JRR Tolkien.

Henry would like to thank
Mom, Dad, Adam, Ariel, Young Miles, Tricia Madden, & Jake Lazarowitz. All of my grandparents. Nana, I know you would have loved the album artwork. Erin Scialabba. Nick Fusaro. Caroline Curtin. Nina Li. Andrew Sokol. Katy Filarski. All of our friends for tolerating us. Patrick Ewing. Martin Short.

Michael would like to thank
Mother, Father, my big bros and all of my friends. Lastly, thank you india, thank you terror, thank you disillusionment, thank you frailty, thank you consequence and thank you silence.

Nick would like to thank
Mom and Dad for the endless support and housing. Kate and Natalie. Jessica, Jake Harris & the Harris family. Grandma. Nana. Jennifer Lawrence. Alison Brie. My therapist. Evan & Kim Berke. English girls. McDonalds (Ron’s Place, Don’s Place, Mackies). Everyone at Muhlenberg, specifically the Beez in the Trap (Captain Say, the Wallace Sisters, Jule and Cora Bear). Finally, R.I.P. Pop Pop who passed away while recording this album. I’ll never forget all the dodge ball we played.



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Static Jacks New Jersey

This Band Could Be (The End Of) Your Life.

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